Ready to AUTOMATE your onboarding process?

Tired of losing track of your agents?

Are you having to use multiple systems and spreadsheets to track applicants and you still don’t know where they are in the process? Would you like recruiting interviews to automatically schedule on your calendar?

The Solution

Let us help!

  • Reduce the time your staff spends on follow-ups

  • Eliminate tedious spreadsheets to keep track of hires

  • Have your entire onboarding process on one platform

  • Track lead/hire through every stage of the process

  • Notify employees and managers of agent progress

  • Automated text & emails with instruction

Our Services

  • Email Marketing & Text Services

  • Website & Form Builders

  • Calendars

  • Call Tracking & Recording

  • Workflow Automation

  • Zoom Integrations

Our Plans & Pricing

Basic Plan

  • $349/mo.

  • Pipeline with stages from new lead to issue paid.

  • Webpage with form to input new hires.

  • Templates for emails and text.

  • 2-3 Funnels for Social Media Ads

Pro Plan

  • $749/mo.

  • All things in basic plan.

  • Email and text automations.

  • Notifications for bounced emails/texts.

  • Automated follow ups.

  • Automatic out of office replies.

  • Prospect automated drip and follow up campaign.

  • Customized recruiting automation integrations.

  • Voucher sent automations and customized emails per state requirements.

  • Detailed steps for acquiring license.

  • Automated email for contracting.

  • Landing pages & funnels.

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